I’m back bitches!

Oh well, what can I say, life got in the way.

Here’s a little update:

  • I’ve graduated in June! Officially obtained a Master in Business Economics, yay!
  • Haven’t found a job yet, not so yay!
  • I’m back living with the parents in a small quaint town in the West of Belgium (God how I miss Ghent. And my boyfriend.)
  • To prevent my brain cells from dying, I decided to start a new little project: I joined Booktube! If you’re interested in me talking about the books that I’ve read, you can go here.
  • I have a bunch of photo’s from travels I’ve made the last couple of months/years and I want to do something with them. So my plan is to share these pictures with you readers (if there still are any) in a new series I like to call ‘Impressions’. I don’t know if a day-to-day recap of my travels will be interesting enough to share, so that’s why I’ll select a couple of memorable pictures just to give you an ‘impression‘ (get it?) of the city/country I’ve visited. Coming up are Denmark, Lisbon and Berlin, so stay tuned!
  • That’s it I guess..

Talk to you soon! Byeeee !



In November, a high school friend of mine invited me and my boyfriend to go on a little trip to Vresse-sur-Semois, a small picturesque town in the South of Belgium. She hired a chalet in the woods, and planned a nice carefree-weekend, where no one had to worry about assignments, deadlines and studying for midterms. It was exactly what I needed, so I immediately said yes. A couple of weeks later, we were on the road to nature.




On our first day, we started our walk through the woods. What we thought would be a chill stroll in the afternoon, turned out to be a 10km-hike, where we probably climbed to the highest point of the hills in Vresse.

Once we got to the top, our sore legs were forgotten once we saw this amazing view of the town.

After that, the climb down began. No more paved roads, but steep downhill through the forest. I have to admit, I slipped a couple of times. Buying Dr. Martens boots instead of hiking shoes probably wasn’t such a good idea.




I’ve been longing to go back to this place, especially now with deadlines and midterms coming up. I’m sure I’ll be back one day, when I’ll be in desperate need of another carefree-weekend.

Well hi there

Long time no see, huh? To be honest, I knew this was going to happen, the neglect of my blog for over two months after the semester ended. I can give you 34835455 reasons why this happened, but I’ve decided to list all of the things I’ve been doing this summer instead. You can decide for yourselves which of these can pass as a good excuse for not updating this blog.

  • worked the entire month of July on my thesis about online television. I got so sick and tired of it, that I wanted to burn my copy immediately after it was finished.
  • worked for six weeks straight in August and September as an accounting support at a big ass firm.
  • realized this summer job was way more interesting than most of the stuff I’ve learned the last four years during my Communications studies, and decided to enroll in another master’s degree. This time it’s Business Economics.
  • Moved everything from my previous, crappy student apartment back home in July, only to move back to Ghent in September into a new and awesome duplex together with my boyfriend. I’m kind of digging this whole living-together-and-being-homey kind of situation.
  • Oh, I graduated. It was about time.
  • Tomorrow I’ll have my first course of the new semester. It’s called Financial reporting in IFRS context. I have no idea what that means, but I’m so excited!
  • And as you probably can see, no trips or travels have been made during my online absence. I think I can officially state that the summer of 2013 has been the least exciting holiday I’ve ever had in my entire life. Maybe that’s why there were no updates, because there simply was nothing interesting to report (unless you want a documented account of my growing frustration during the different stages of my thesis writing process).

How was your summer? Did you have as much fun as I did (sarcasm)? I hope not!

I’ll leave you with a nice polaroid of me and my friend Guyentie at our graduation ceremony:




Sunny day in June

Summer finally decided to hit Ghent, so my boyfriend and I decided to take a break from analyzing data and went into town

We decided on a whim to visit the Belfry, one of Ghent’s famous medieval towers that overlooks the city. The fact that I’ve been living in Ghent for four years now without having a decent view of the city centre, felt like such a shame to me, that I decided now was the time to be all touristy and climb up the tower to the top.


The Saint Bavo Cathedral, almost packed and ready to be renovated.

On the other side, you can see the Saint Nicholas’ Church. The recently constructed park in front of it, is where we had our little afternoon pick nick.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Starbucks Frappuccino’s and a very disgusting snack which is supposed to be an apple donut (Do not get this, ever! It’s so bad). I also started reading the 1Q84-trilogy by Haruki Murakami. I know, I’m pretty late to jump on the band wagon, but better late than never right? I’m loving the story so far, and been very intrigued by the personalities of Aomame and Fuka-Eri. It’s been a constant in my life: whenever I’m reading a book or seeing a movie or series, either the very powerful girls and women or the very bizarre and strange ones are my favorites.

Enjoy the rest of your week. Talk to you soon xx

Isbells @ Huiskamer Ernest

So… I’m back! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. I’m currently working on my thesis, and I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can hand it in and never have to look at it again! Think I took too much on my plate by doing too much research and using too many different research methods… In a month and a half I will (hopefully) be finished and (hopefully) have passed so I can graduate and finally have my master’s degree in Communication sciences.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Amelie and I visited this new coffee place in Ghent, called Huiskamer Ernest. This coffee bar simply wants to be a cozy and artsy living room in the city, where you can relax, hang out with your friends, read, study, work, etc… They organize concerts and workshops as well, and on the 2nd of June, Amelie and I went to see Isbells.


Isbells is a Belgian band which is mostly known for its melancholic pop-folk songs. To be honest, I didn’t know that many songs, but I still had a great time. They’re amazing live and the music fit perfectly in the intimate atmosphere Huiskamer Ernest advocates. It literally felt like Isbells was performing a private concert in your living room.

For all of you who don’t know the band, here’s a live performance of their song ‘Heading For The Newborn’ at our youth radio station Studio Brussel. Couldn’t find any of the footage taken at Huiskamer Ernest online, so you’ll have to do with this. You can find more about them here and here and here.

Hope you enjoyed and talk to you soon!


De neus van Pinokkio

On Wednesday, my friends and I headed to the recordings of a Flemish game show called De Neus van Pinokkio (literally translated: Pinocchio’s nose). I guess everyone knows the story about Pinocchio, the little wooden puppet whose nose would grow every time he told a lie. The program is named after the story, because it’s basically all about lies. The panel tells the public different stories – through photo’s, video footage, re-enactment and witnesses. It’s the public’s task to guess which one is correct and which one is false.

To be honest, I hadn’t seen the program before I went to the recordings. I’m not that much of a TV-fanatic (TV in the sense of the classic TV-screen. Online television on the other hand, that’s another thing). So the main reason why I decided to attend these recordings, was to see the whole behind-the-scenes-action and to have a good get-together with friends.

Dinner on train

At 17:24 we left by train to Vilvoorde, where the recordings took place. We decided to have dinner on the train.

We were welcomed by a free drink while we had to wait for the recordings to start

And then finally we were able to enter the venue. I think I had one of the worst seats in the venue, I couldn’t see a thing that was happening on the platform in the middle (or maybe that’s just because I’m short). Luckily there were screens around the venue, so I could actually see some of the things they were talking about.

I got separated from Guyentie, Tjalda and Amelie, who got a seat in another section.

My boyfriend was behind me during the show. As you can see, each participant had three signs, each sign representing one of the stories. We had to vote for the story which we thought was true, by putting the corresponding sign up in the air and pressing some buttons on a little machine we had as well (to make counting the answers a bit easier).

Oh, hi!

I think I got almost half of the answers correct. Which is not that bad, considering I’m the worst at detecting lies

station Vilvoorde

Around 11pm we managed to get a train back to Ghent in what could be the creepiest station I’ve ever been. I’m sure it used to be a more glorious, and less neglected, piece of architecture back in the days. Hopefully someone’s planning on renovating these neo-renaissance platforms.

How about you guys? Ever attended recordings of a show as well?