The Diana

One thing you need to know about me, is that I love taking pictures. Ever since I bought my DSLR, I try to always bring it with me, wherever I go, so I can shoot the most random things that are happening around me. I might not be good at it, but I don’t friggin’ care. I love snapping pictures. If I haven’t used my camera for a while, I have this growing urge to drop everything, grab my camera and just go out and shoot whatever and whomever I encounter.

About a year ago, I got myself my first (of many) analogue camera: Lomography’s Diana F+. I was drawn to it by the romantic and blurry square pictures it produces. When I encountered this mint green version at Urban Outfitters, something clicked in my head and I immediately took it to the counter. Haven’t had a single regret buying it

Now, the Diana F+ is not an ordinary camera. It doesn’t work like a digital camera, nor a regular SLR for that matter. You have to get to know the camera very, very well in order to take those awesome pictures you see appearing on the lomography-website. And after shooting four rolls of 120mm-film, I can honestly say that I still have a lot to learn about this little plastic toy. Main problem I encountered is the darkness of the photo’s. Having a flash with you at all times, especially when it’s late in the evening or if you want to shoot inside, is a must. Second thing I’ve learned, those little plastic frames you get with your camera? Very important if you don’t want your photo’s to overlap. Third, the zoom-function is not to be trusted. And lastly, the too blurry pictures you get, even though you haven’t shot a single photo on the B-setting, might be caused by the higher ISO. Keeping these things in mind, I hope my future Diana-photo’s will turn out perfect and almost exactly as I want them to. Practice makes perfect, right?

Overall, I’m quite content with the way the photo’s of my last three rolls turned out. I expected more of them to have failed or being too dark. I do regret not keeping an eye out for those frames, although the slightly increased level of intoxication at my Halloween-party might be the cause of that. Anyway, enough with the twaddle, on to those photo’s!

More photo’s to be found here.


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