Sunny day in June

Summer finally decided to hit Ghent, so my boyfriend and I decided to take a break from analyzing data and went into town

We decided on a whim to visit the Belfry, one of Ghent’s famous medieval towers that overlooks the city. The fact that I’ve been living in Ghent for four years now without having a decent view of the city centre, felt like such a shame to me, that I decided now was the time to be all touristy and climb up the tower to the top.


The Saint Bavo Cathedral, almost packed and ready to be renovated.

On the other side, you can see the Saint Nicholas’ Church. The recently constructed park in front of it, is where we had our little afternoon pick nick.

We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with Starbucks Frappuccino’s and a very disgusting snack which is supposed to be an apple donut (Do not get this, ever! It’s so bad). I also started reading the 1Q84-trilogy by Haruki Murakami. I know, I’m pretty late to jump on the band wagon, but better late than never right? I’m loving the story so far, and been very intrigued by the personalities of Aomame and Fuka-Eri. It’s been a constant in my life: whenever I’m reading a book or seeing a movie or series, either the very powerful girls and women or the very bizarre and strange ones are my favorites.

Enjoy the rest of your week. Talk to you soon xx


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