De neus van Pinokkio

On Wednesday, my friends and I headed to the recordings of a Flemish game show called De Neus van Pinokkio (literally translated: Pinocchio’s nose). I guess everyone knows the story about Pinocchio, the little wooden puppet whose nose would grow every time he told a lie. The program is named after the story, because it’s basically all about lies. The panel tells the public different stories – through photo’s, video footage, re-enactment and witnesses. It’s the public’s task to guess which one is correct and which one is false.

To be honest, I hadn’t seen the program before I went to the recordings. I’m not that much of a TV-fanatic (TV in the sense of the classic TV-screen. Online television on the other hand, that’s another thing). So the main reason why I decided to attend these recordings, was to see the whole behind-the-scenes-action and to have a good get-together with friends.

Dinner on train

At 17:24 we left by train to Vilvoorde, where the recordings took place. We decided to have dinner on the train.

We were welcomed by a free drink while we had to wait for the recordings to start

And then finally we were able to enter the venue. I think I had one of the worst seats in the venue, I couldn’t see a thing that was happening on the platform in the middle (or maybe that’s just because I’m short). Luckily there were screens around the venue, so I could actually see some of the things they were talking about.

I got separated from Guyentie, Tjalda and Amelie, who got a seat in another section.

My boyfriend was behind me during the show. As you can see, each participant had three signs, each sign representing one of the stories. We had to vote for the story which we thought was true, by putting the corresponding sign up in the air and pressing some buttons on a little machine we had as well (to make counting the answers a bit easier).

Oh, hi!

I think I got almost half of the answers correct. Which is not that bad, considering I’m the worst at detecting lies

station Vilvoorde

Around 11pm we managed to get a train back to Ghent in what could be the creepiest station I’ve ever been. I’m sure it used to be a more glorious, and less neglected, piece of architecture back in the days. Hopefully someone’s planning on renovating these neo-renaissance platforms.

How about you guys? Ever attended recordings of a show as well?


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